#19 RKM Layout 3rd Cross
Opp Diamond Collage Margondanahalli
Anandapura, K.R. Puram
Bangalore-560 036

Mobile: +91 98800 13639

SPECTRUM SURVEYS based on Land Surveys/Totalstation Survey/DGPS Survey/Geo Technical Investigation in Bangalore ,Karnataka & All over India.Our Office Located in K.R Puram,Bangalore,Karnataka. Spectrum Survey founded in 2002. Spectrum Survey is a young and rapidly Growing company of dedicated professional project management company with varied & extensive Land Surveyor Company in Bangalore, Designing and quality. We provide excellent services in the field of LAND SURVEYING/TOTAL STATION SURVEY/DGPS SURVEY.

Spectrum Survey has acquired the reputation and standing of being a leading Project Management company in the field of Land Survey. Spectrum has successfully completed Projects, which include a number of ways making a progressive and steady growth. reputed projects.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as organization exclusively dedicated to Computer aided designing, drafting, e-Documentation. Civil/Land Survey Cad , G.I.S, M.I.S and software development in various areas, growing fast in IT Industry. The commitment to quality in every endeavor is most.

Spectrum Survey Experts in .

  • Land Surveyors Companies in Bangalore & All over India
  • Total Station Survey,DGPS Survey Companies in Bangalore & All over India
  • Contour,Canal,Irrigation,Railway,Pipeline Survey in Bangalore & All over India
  • Solar Energy Topographical Survey ,Geotechnical Investigation,Road Survey in Bangalore & All over India
  • Wind Energy Topographical Survey ,Thermal Power Plant Survey,Power Plant Survey in Bangalore & All over India
  • As Built survey ,Column Stakeout Survey,Building Stakeout Survey in Bangalore & All over India
  • Revenue Surveyors ,cadastral Revenue Surveyors ,Digital Surveyors & Computerized Surveyors in Bangalore &All over India
  • Building Plan & Estimation,House,Commercial Plan ,As Built Surveyors,Building Surveyors in KR Puram, Ramamurthy Nagar Bangalore &All over India
  • Surveying, an art and science of measuring and mapping the relative positions above, on or under the surface of the ground, is not only a technical and professional activity but also a business activity.

    This traditional art of science and mathematics has undergone different stages of a revolution in the way data is collected, stored, retrieved and processed for the output.
    While the entire scope of our profession is vast, the same shall be simplified as mapping the location details on the earth and below the sea, Establishing the boundaries of the existing public and private lands.

    We have structured ourselves in such a way that we meet the requirements of the modern surveying practice. With the above in the background and the wholehearted support from our valued customers, we are able to successfully march one step forward towards our goal.

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